Dr George Hanna has 12 years of experience within variety of industries and focus on Healthcare within North America and Emerging market. He has Doctorate Degree from Temple University, Philadelphia and has worked on various Healthcare projects. He specializes in recruitment with focus on Healthcare and Renewable Energy.

AIC managements also provide recruitment to various clients in the Gulf and abroad. Dr. Hanna focuses on Healthcare recruitment and provides highly qualified candidates to the Medical Industry through his extensive network in 15 countries. 

Dr. George Hanna is a Graduate of Temple University School of Dentistry [Year 2005 Philadelphia]; prior to attending Temple University, Dr. Hanna earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Florida International University.

Dr. Hanna is the Founder, President & CEO of AIC MANAGEMENTS based in PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania. AIC MANAGEMENTS manages over 30 dental offices, employing 100+ Dentists in Dubai, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Iowa. The foundation and business model of clinical dentistry is based on serving the underserved and lower socio–‐economic population while providing the best facilities equipped with the latest technology in dentistry.

Dr. Hanna worked as consultant for several companies such as http://geogroup.com/, http://www.onsitehealth.com/, http://logisticshealth.com/ and many more to improve on the Medical recruitment and development. Increase and improve relations with various clients.