Direct Hiring


Did you know that a poor recruiting choice can cost you almost 25% of the candidate’s annual salary and snowball into slow productivity due to a poor work performance. Surely you don’t want to be caught in that scenario?

Because AIC Managements is independently owned, we are not inhibited by corporate policies unrealistic to the ever-changing local business climate. As one of the premier staffing services in United Arab Emirates we recognize that each of our clients has unique, individual needs and expectations. The essence of our business philosophy is to provide clients with the service that will accommodate their particular needs. As your staffing partner, we assume responsibility for all aspects of the hiring process. Recruiting, pre-evaluation, in-person interviews, etc. and give you the right fit.

Reasons why you should choose AIC Managements for your Direct Hire needs:

  • We have access to a wide network and database of candidates.
  • Tension and stress-free recruitment process.
  • We conduct thorough research and probe into the abilities of prospective employees.
  • We use stringent methods to assess the qualities and attitude sought out by companies like you.
  • We monitor the entire process of recruitment carefully and diligently to exceed your expectations.
  • Guarantee that if they’re not satisfied with their candidate, we’ll find them a suitable replacement and do it in record time.